Empowerment Life Coach

Eileen Galwey  C.P.C.

Dance To The Beat of Your Own Tune 



Does Life Balance elude you? 

Have you struggled with finding your voice and owning it?

Do you wish you could be more unapologetically you?  

Do you yearn for more leadership in your own life and work ?

I can help you:  

  • Achieve an authentic life balance

  • Claim your voice and your life  

  • Never again apologize for being your true self 

  • Be the passionate leader that that you know you are 

             Resulting in You Living Your Own Unique Life

My passion is empowering women to face their fears and

discover the courage to embrace their individuality. My clients

are on a journey to live authentically.They want to find success

on their terms and claim ownership of their lives.

As your coach,I can help you source your own wisdom about what is right for you.One of the gifts that I bring to my clients is that I can easily intuit what people are thinking and feeling.This allows me to establish trust and rapport quickly. In our sessions,the questions that I ask are intentional and purposeful. 


As we move beyond the surface and go deeper into who you are and what is important to you, we are able to strategize solutions together.This paves the way for transformation to occur in your life and work. 


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About Eileen 
It has been an amazing journey finding my authentic voice, gaining confidence in my
in my true self and my place in the world. I have developed a heightened level of consciousness, compassion and empathy for others giving me the ability to easily tune in and be present with my clients.These skills have emerged from a lifelong dedication to better understanding the human experience from multiple lenses.

Since my early teens, I have had a strong interest in all things related to emotional intelligence, psychology, spirituality, personal growth and an unending curiosity about my own inner world. I have been coached and trained with some of the worlds top Coaches, Spiritual Teachers and Therapists  such as Tony Robbins, Chloe Medanes, Mark & Magli Peysha. I look forward to sharing that wisdom with you.


 I am a certified Strategic Intervention Coach. I have previously enjoyed careers in Business Development and Management. I have extensive experience interviewing and learning from over 5,000 successful women worldwide, who either have thriving businesses or are at the top of their professional careers. The opportunity to connect with these powerful women has given me insights into the issues that women most commonly face and how to help them - and you. 

I am a single mom that juggles my business with taking care of my sweet adolescent adopted daughter, who loves to talk and reminds me of how lucky I am to be her mom.





Strategic Intervention Life Coach Graduate. 

Mastery Graduate of Leadership & Empowerment Course for Women, NYC

Advanced Course Studies - The Landmark Forum.

Science, Applied Chemistry -Institute of Technology Tralee, Ireland