I knew after my first coaching phone call that Eileen was sent to me through divine intervention! Her intuitive skills have helped me to identify my goals and intentions and then set in motion the steps required to achieve them.

Christine Cody, North Carolina  

"Working with Eileen was transformative. She combines a wealth of life experience, wisdom, and a deep understanding of human nature. An excellent listener, she is intuitive and smart and quickly helped me get to the core issues that were limiting me. She helped me come up with excellent strategies and tools to create a richer and fuller life. Her natural enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious!"

Rosemary Bateman, New York 

"Eileen is a wonderful life coach! She is an exceptionally warm, caring individual with wonderful insight – the kind of person you naturally want to share your troubles with and hear what she thinks. I have known her for several years – so many times over the years, I’ve talked with her and realized afterward what good advice I was getting and how lucky I was to get her feedback. She has a keen ability to ask you the right questions and to hear your answers the right way, to understand what you’re trying to express. Most importantly, she cares about people and genuinely wants to help them and to make the world a better place. You’ll be glad to work with her"

Chris Stidham, New York

Eileen has helped me tremendously with selling and closing direction and skills for my small business. She has an uncanny ability to use her knowledge, experience, and intuitive sense to give you suggestions that are spot on. Hire her and your business will grow. 

Patricia DiVecchio

International Purpose